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Kimberly Johnson - Minister 
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We are a Women's Empowerment Ministry; we educate and help women pursue the purpose that God has for their LIFE. 
Provide women with educational resources to grow spiritually, mentally, physically, creatively & emotionally. Guide women in finding their distinctive characteristics for serving others. Create a sisterhood atmosphere where women feel safe. Encourage women to live a life of fulfillment and pay it forward.
Fit & Faithful is a cardio mix total body fitness class instructed by Velda Chapman. Workout sessions include a healthy mind and body informational session as well as a praise party workout to christian music. Classes are held on Thursday's at 7pm at Greater Commission Bible Church, 10200 Hamilton Ave. Cincinnati, OH. For more information call (513)260-1902 or email: fabgrace3313@gmail.com
Fit & Faithful
Exodus 33:13
If you are pleased with me, teach me your ways so I may know you and continue to find favor with you…. (NIV)
Living Life with Fabulous Grace
Velda Cope - Founder a native of Dayton, Ohio who now resides in Cincinnati, Ohio is the founder of The SHAC, Rollers 4 Righteousness, Fabulous Grace, and Fit & Faithful which are all non-profit ministries. These ministries bring people together to celebrate and honor the Lord’s greatness through physical fitness and fun. She has a Degree in Business Administration which has been the key to her 20 plus years success in Cincinnati’s City Government. 
Velda started the Rollers 4 Righteous Skating Ministry in 2010, Fabulous Grace in 2012, Fit & Faithful in 2013 and the SHAC in 2015 as a way to bring families together in a Christian social atmosphere. Because Velda’s life is centered on the visions God has given to her, she feels so blessed to be the vessel chosen to lead these ministries with a promise of many more to come.
Kimberly Johnson is the minister over Fabulous Grace Ministry. She graduated from Life Christian University in 2006, where she studied Theology. Kimberly has always desired to help other women succeed, in doing so she believes you must first hear their story. Her listening ear, sound biblical advice and continual encouragement is the heart of her ministry. Kimberly spends countless hours counseling women, praying for others, along with helping to grow the ministry. At an early age she recognized the gift of compassion God gave her to be a blessing to others, therefore, all she does is unto God that He may be glorified!